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Texcare® Nano Bamboo Charcoal Yarn
TEXCARE® Bamboo Charcoal Yarn, deodor fabric, in which bamboo charcoal powder is refined through high temperature, is with super strong de-odor function, and it is able to mildly release infrared ray and promote physical blood circulation. It's the best option of new natural fabric for taking care of the health of your skin.

Super Strong De-odor Function
The Yarn is filled with fine pore paths of various sizes inside, producing extremely wide surface area with super strong absorption ability to absorb the harmful chemical material in air and to eliminate odor and humidity.

Prominent Thermo Effect
It can mildly release infrared ray. With thermal effect, it's able to preserve heat for temperature maintenance, to strengthen the blood circulation at the ends of human body, to promote metabolism and to provide life cultivation and health promotion effect.

Moisture adjustment
Bamboo Charcoal filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes hence compared to other conventional fabric, it has better moisture absorption and ventilation.

Function Durable
As the Bamboo Charcoal powder is equally diffused into the yarn structure and not a coating on the surface, therefore any method of washing will not influence its function. It has an excellent water-resistance, natural no irradiation, the best choice of warm textiles.


 Sports wear, Casual wear, Underwear, Night wear.