About AGT

Innovation, Quality, and Service are the Core Values at AGT.


Founded in 2009, AGT has been specializing in knitted functional fabrics including design, development and global marketing.
AGT stands for "Alliance Great Team", the elite team. AGT's core values are "quality, "innovation" and "service". Having decades of experience in yarn production as foundation, AGT designs and develops high quality functional knit fabric with the most advanced technology. AGT provides superior product and service experience built on quality and trust.





Strategic Partner

For the next 5 years, AGT's R&D resources will invest in high quality elastic fabrics, environmental sustainable manufacturing, and healthy materials. AGT will focus on developing unique products for women's sportswear brands. Our expertise in fabrics, Quality control and innovation would significantly enhance brands in product development. As a strategic partner, we provide comprehensive solutions for fabrics and fulfill the needs of brands differentiations and characteristics, to add values to the products.


Environmental protection is the baseline of AGT's growth. As a member of the global village, our products follow the principles of environmental protection and strive to achieve harmonious coexistence.