Quality and Certification

Innovation, Quality, and Service are the Core Values at AGT.

Quality and Certification


OEKO-TEX Environmental certification

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a hazardous textile testing and certification system, from fibers, textiles and garments to all types of hazardous substances that affect human health.


GRS Environmental certification

Obtained GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certification, the product must contain at least 20% of the raw materials composed of recycled fibers, and 100% pollution-free.


GORDURA High-strength fiber authorized manufacturing

CORDURA® is a high-strength nylon fiber developed by DuPont in the United States. AGT is authorized to manufacture CORDURA® fabrics in 2019 and application in stretch fabric products.


CELLIANT Health fiber authorized manufacturing

Celliant® innovative material technology fiber with health function, contains 13 kinds of optically reflected minerals, and recognizes visible light and infrared ray inside the fiber. When these fabrics are worn, the oxygen content of the human body will increase.


TTRI Quality test

Taiwan textile research Institute provide Taiwan's textile industry with integrated technology research and development, inspection and promotion, innovation and product development, and a full range of supporting services. Through the Textile Industry Research Institute, inspection and product testing, to ensure functionality product quality.


Intertek Quality test

Through the world-renowned third-party verification agency Intertek inspection and product testing to ensure the quality of functional products.